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January 29th, 2016 Donated by Ziyi Lin


Studies who have been using the data (in any form) are required to include the following reference:

author={Lin, Ziyi and Marinov, Darko and Zhong, Hao and Chen, Yuting and Zhao, Jianjun},
booktitle={Automated Software Engineering (ASE), 2015 30th IEEE/ACM International Conference on},
title={JaConTeBe: A Benchmark Suite of Real-World Java Concurrency Bugs (T)},
keywords={Benchmark testing;Computer bugs;Concurrent computing;Java;Open source software;System recovery;JaConTeBe;Java concurrency bugs;SIR;benchmark suite;evaluations},

About the Data

Overview of Data

JaConTeBe is a benchmark suite for Java concurrency bugs. The initial version of JaConTeBe contains 47 confirmed, real-world concurrency bugs from 8. open-source projects. JaConTeBe is an ongoing work and the authors plan to collect more bugs in the future.

Paper Abstract

Researchers have proposed various approaches to detect concurrency bugs and improve multi-threaded programs, but performing evaluations of the effectiveness of these approaches still remains a substantial challenge. We survey the existing evaluations and find out that they often use code or bugs not representative of real world. To improve representativeness, we have prepared JaConTeBe, a benchmark suite of 47 confirmed concurrency bugs from 8 popular open-source projects, supplemented with test cases for reproducing buggy behaviors. Running three approaches on JaConTeBe shows that our benchmark suite confirms some limitations of the three approaches. We submitted JaConTeBe to the SIR repository (a software-artifact repository for rigorous controlled experiments), and it was included as a part of SIR.