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January 7, 2013 Donated by André Riboira (andre.riboira@fe.up.pt) and Rui Abreu (rui@computer.org)

About the data

This archive contains all the logs, datasets and results of the 255 combinations of the 8 injected faults, as well as the 8 executions of untouched and uninstrumented versions of Wordpress.

Each folder of this archive relates to a different scenario and has all the log files (including the standard output and standard error messages) and ABACUS tools’ output files generated during the experiment processing.

Each folder present the following structure:

ABACUS.stdout - File with the standard output messages

ABACUS.stderr - File with the standard error messages (includes the time and memory used in each execution)

ABACUS.log - File with the PHPunit TAP log result

ABACUS.matrix - File with the SFL’s hit-spectra matrix and the error vector

ABACUS.components - File with the map between the SFL’s hit spectra matrix and the correspondent code component

ABACUS.staccato - File with the result of the STACCATO tool

ABACUS.barinel - File with the result of the BARINEL tool

Note that the “vanilla” folders only have ABACUS.stdout, ABACUS.stderr and ABACUS.log files, because are related to the untouched and uninstrumented versions of Wordpress, and the ABACUS toolset was not used.