This is a cross-listed data set that contains effort and defect information.

The data in this file confirms to the [model.


Change Log

When What
March 2010 JPL experts added expected number of defects and months to create coc81-dem
Dec 2009 Correction: the original PROMISE repository data set had incorrect DATA and CPLX effort multiplier values for project 32 and did not include prjoject_id, dev_mode, and the first row of headers as it does now
February 8, 2006 Donated by Tim Menzies


Reifer, D., Boehm, B. W., and Chulani, S. (1999). The Rosetta Stone: Making COCOMO 81 Estimates Work with COCOMO II. Crosstalk. The Journal of Defense Software Engineering., pages 11–15.