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March 11, 2015 Donated by Gregorio Robles


Studies who have been using the data (in any form) are required to add the following reference to their report/paper:

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About the Data


There are two types of data associated with this paper: author activity from OpenStack contributors and survey data from the contributors. In addition, the raw data from which the author activity data was extracted can be found here

Author Activity Data

-Rows represent individual authors (1626 total) -Columns represent months starting in Jan 2010 (these are 0-padded before and after project) -The actual author IDs can be found by cross-referencing output_authors_ids_nobots.csv: -Number of commits per month: output_commits_nobots.csv -Number of active days per month: output_activity_nobots.csv

Survey Response Data

This represents voluntary responses to a survey in which 131 individuals responded. Survey questions are as follows:

1) Selection: On average, how many hours in a week have you spent in the project in the
last six months?
(>40h, 40h, 30h, 20h, 10h, <5h)

2) Selection: How much of the time you spent in the project is devoted to coding?
(>95%, approx. 75%, approx. 50%, approx. 25%, <10%)

3) Selection: Do you make at least one commit to the repository the days you code?
(yes, no)

4) Selection: What do you consider yourself in the project?
(full-time, part-time, occasional contributor)

5) Free-text box: Did you always work on the project the same amount of hours, or did you have
different phases of commitment? If you had different phases, could you tell us about the various
phases? (the graph below may help you, as it is based in your recorded activity in the repository)

The anonymized survey response data is here

This survey data was cleaned with a few respondents being removed and some responses being edited. A description of the cleaning process as well as the cleaned response data is here.