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May 1st, 2015 Donated by Megan Squire


Studies who have been using the data (in any form) are required to include the following reference:

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About the Data

Overview of Data

Contains 3 tables in SQL format:

Table 1 (apache_datasources): List of Apache Data sources Attributes (Name, Type): datasource_id Integer item_description Character date_posted Date date_collected Date method Character item_url Character last_updated Date

Table 2(apache_people_projects): List of people committing various projects Attributes (Name, Type): svn_id Character real_name Character web_site Character datasource_id Integer project_name Character role_on_project Character details Character email Character organization Character last_updated Date

Table 3(apache_unlisted_cla): List of people with signed CLAs but are not committers Attributes (Name, Type): real_name Character datasource_id Integer last_updated Date

Paper Abstract

This paper outlines the steps in the creation and maintenance of a new dataset listing leaders of the various projects of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Included in this dataset are different levels of committers to the various ASF project code bases, as well as regular and emeritus members of the ASF, and directors and officers of the ASF. The dataset has been donated to the FLOSSmole project under an open source license, and is available for download, or for direct querying via a database client.